The Truslers

“We’ve worked with Hesper over the last decade to purchase commercial and residential properties with much success.  She quickly gets a sense for what you want and don’t want and can even help you figure that out if you’re not sure.  She can also help you make sure your goals are realistic so you don’t waste time.  Hesper is a native to the area so she knows the community like a local.  We have recommended Hesper without reservation to so many clients and friends and have a long list of people we like to think we helped find just the right property even though Hesper did all the work.”

- The Truslers

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It is no secret that Brevard and Transylvania County play host to a remarkable landscape just waiting for adventure seekers. I love to hike but because of knee issues, I stick mostly to cycling. Believe me – I still get to enjoy the best of the outdoors! Between, road biking, gravel grinding and mountain biking, I am never bored.

I love to ride because it challenges my limits. Finally getting through that rock garden or getting up a climb that was once too hard to get in one shot is so rewarding. The cycling community in this area is also wonderful! I’ve made so many great friends through our shared love of pedaling. Plus – there is just something about playing in the woods that wakes up my inner child!

This area offers something for everyone. Some of the best downhill riders live in Brevard to train on the gnarly Pisgah trails but there are also many beginners that love the nice, flowing trails of DuPont. I particularly love Turkey Knob. You will be able to find both extremes and everything in between. On a beautiful spring Saturday, you’ll easily find trailhead parking lots overflowing with kids, teenagers, racers and those out for a stroll. You also can’t forget about the strong equestrian community!

There are many excellent events/races to join in on as well. The Assault on the Carolinas, the Fletcher Flyer, Looking Glass Tour, Dirt Diggler and Couch Potato are a few of my favorites. When the weather doesn’t cooperate or I need something different, I love settling into yoga. There are several great studios in Brevard so most people can find exactly what they need with regards to their practice.

There is much more than riding in Transylvania County. I love to hit one of the great rivers in the area to cool-off in the summer and you can’t forget how beautiful the Blue Ridge Parkway is! I can’t help but love to watch the sun rise or set from that high perch.


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